Faced with chronic “incurable” health conditions – spondylitis and psoriasis, Lee did his own research after being offered little other than very strong painkillers and a rather depressing prognosis from his doctor. He discovered the relationship between food and health and set upon first cleaning up his diet. Then learning about the mind – emotions – body relationship, he set to work on that. He learned to meditate – again the link between stress and chronic ill health is well documented and he started drinking plenty of good water.

Now at 50 he is healthier and feels better than he did in his thirties and is able to keep up with his 4 year old daughter and young grandchildren. Lee discovered the addictive nature of certain foods such as wheat and sugar and how his body felt eating plant-based, organic wholefoods compared to chemical laden processed food most of us “enjoy” as a varying part of our diet. The changes not only astounded him but his friends and family and this newfound passion led him to train with the world-leading health and nutrition school The Institute for Integrated Nutrition (IIN) where he learned over 100 dietary approaches and the huge impact of other lifestyle effects (meaningful purpose, relationships, spirituality etc) on our health, along with a host of powerful and transformative techniques to help make change achieveable for the individual. It is Lee’s passion to gently help and guide you to discover where in your life you can make small changes that dramatically improve your health. He doesn’t tell you what to do, he helps you find your own answers to what you need to do and then supports you to make successive incremental small changes at a pace that is easily doable. He wants you to succeed.

The path to optimal health is cleaning up your diet, dealing with your relationships and emotions, finding exercise you genuinely love – so it is a joy not a chore and a meaningful life. To help with these changes Lee can offer individual, group and Skype sessions.