Employee Health and Wellness Program


Employee Health and Wellness Program
Holistic health and wellness coaching is a relatively new concept for the UK and still in its infancy. However, its solid track record is a strong foundation in making solutions that work.

This can give a business or organisaton a significant return on investment (RoI). Evidence shows, health coaching for your employees gives a impressive results as well as a wide range of benefits which incluse greater mental clarity, more energy, alertness, more engagement and enthusiasm. A great result for both employee and employer, creating more balance and flow within your organisation.

Health insurance companies in the US and Australia have recognised the all round benefits to be gained by this holistic approach and are rewarding companies by cheaper premiums for investing in their employees’ health. As a result of this modality of coaching the gains were many: fewer lost days to sickness; fewer coughs and colds around the workplace; a happier workforce and of course greater productivity. Findings also show colleagues bond more, offering each other support simply because they share a common goal.

6 month Employee Health and Wellness Programme

Time commitment is 1 hour per fortnight for the 6 months. Over this time will will work closely with your staff, ensuring they have the best opportunities to embrace their healthiest selves.

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Employee Health and Wellness Program
Employee Health and Wellness