My role as a health coach

My role as a health coach is to help support and guide my clients by offering a series of powerful yet easy to follow suggestions tips and tools in a expansive, fun and unique way. These methods empower my clients to regain control over their health and well-being whilst creating lasting change.

As health coaches we empower people not in health care but in self-care.  Creating a safe, confidential space where a person can discuss, prioritise and achieve their personal health and life goals. Together we discuss options and create simple steps to apply a self-guided action plan into your life, thus creating and installing lasting change.

Some of the key areas in which I am able to help include: healthy eating, hydration, weight management, energy, exercise, sleep, food cravings, digestion, unhelpful habits, stress management, emotional wellbeing and spirituality.

As a health coach I have a strong focus on behavioural choices along with an understanding of dietary patterns which can determine overall health, fulfilling an important and unique role that complements the role of health professionals such as doctors, dietitians and nutritionists.

Where a medical practitioner such as a doctor, would diagnose and treat their client/patient, possibly taking responsibility to bring about wellness for the patient, my role as a health coach is to encourage and support positive changes and wellness goals that are client derived and easily achieved, one step at a time. Promoting simple steps to a healthy happy lifestyle.

I offer coaching for individuals and groups and can work in sports centres, doctors surgeries, wellness centres as well as privately. Health Coaching is not such an alternative therapy but complements the existing health care service, working together to create health and wellness in the individual on a one to one or group basis.