One to One


It is time for us to take control of our health. But it’s not that easy is it?
Claiming back control of your health can be quite an intimidating experience which usually ends in the person giving up and slipping back into old patterns.
It seems it takes a special type of person to maintain such a high level of discipline, especially with the pull of tasty, cheap and easy unhealthy foods around us everywhere.

As for the rest of us we require ongoing encouragement, support and accountability to maintain such a high level of enthusiasm to break through the old patterns and successfully establish new ways of being.

With a strong focus on your behavioural choices along with a good understanding of dietary patterns which can determine overall health.

Together we can discover what works for you, ensuring that you receive all the help, support and guidance by offering a series of powerful yet easy to follow suggestions, tips and tools in a expansive, fun and unique way.

These methods will empower you to regain control over your health and well-being whilst creating lasting change.

Subjects covered:
Breath work
Hydration and the power of water,
Replace and replenish
Superfoods and herbs
Fermented foods and drinks
Food habits – preparation and sources
Food cravings – knowing how to deal with food cravings is a powerful ally.
Body communication- discover the language of the body and how to utilise this for your highest good
Nurture the Nature – great lifestyle hints tips & suggestions
Relationships and you
Intuition ‘ramp it up’
Gut-brain connection
Discover the tools and the mechanism that the negative belief system uses to keep you safe and comfortable but can stop you moving forward.
Top tips in becoming a serial actionist.
The natural detox and helpers
How to push out procrastination,
Discover the exercise that you love
Anger and ways to deal with this volatile emotion
Time management
Connect to higher aspects of self.
Discover the power of your imagination and how to use it.
Meditation on-the-go ‘micro’
Discover your Life’s purpose.

We will meet once per fortnight, 12 x 60 minute sessions over 6 months with Text and phone contact between sessions. Sessions can be held in person, on the telephone, or via Skype.

Individual attention, confidential, tailor made just for you.
Are you ready for transformation?

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